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Mr. Pout-Pout Fish

line Mr. Pout-Pout Fish
by Deborah Diesen (Author), Dan Hanna (Illustrator)



 Deep in the water,Mr. Fish swims about

With his fish face stuck in a permanent pout.

Can his pals cheer him up?

Will his pout ever end?

Is there something he can learn

From an unexpected friend?

 Poor Pout-Pout Fish has a permanent frown on his face! Wherever he goes, he spreads his “dreary-wearies” in the deep blue sea.

Pout Pout Fish Inside

His friends, Ms Clam, Mr. Jelly, Mrs. Squid and Mr. Octopus, try to cheer him up every now and then. But all Pout-Pout Fish has to say is ..

“I’m a pout pout fish

With a pout pout face,

So I spread the dreary-wearies

All over the place.” 

“Blub… Blub… Bluuuuuuubbb!”

Pout Pout Fish Inside3

It seems like nothing could really cheer him up! Mr Pout Pout was doomed to be pouty for the rest of his life! Until, an unusual fish friend swims by and surprises him Smile

Reading the Pout-Pout series of book is a sheer delight.. and not just for the kids! Try this book to read aloud in class and you will hear the kids echo you when you read “Blub.. blub..bluuuuubbb”! Kids will love the gently rhythm, alliteration and rhyme of this tale.

Pout Pout Fish Inside2

Adults will love the simple but important message. Sometimes we all have “pouty” days like Mr. Pout-Pout Fish. Then, we need friends to show us the bright side of things and to give us a little pick up. This story is a great way to teach kids that there is always a rainbow after a storm Smile

Read this one, and you will be looking for more! Mr. Pout-Pout Fish is a series that you will keep coming back to for quite some time.Smile

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  1. I’ve heard such good things about Mr. Pout-Pout Fish. Can’t wait to meet him in person. Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

  2. I love this book. I have only seen the cover and now MUST go back and read it and laugh with it and then review it too!! I have a big smile on my face and got my husband over here too!

    • reshamad

      This is an ALL TIME FAVORITE! No matter what age, my daughter almost always finds her way to the new one in this series ! Hope you find one to read Linda.


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