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Arthur and Guen

line Arthur and Guen
by Jon Koons (Author), Igor Oleynikov (Illustrator)

An Original Tale of Young Camelot

Arthur looks at his father, Sir Ector and brother, Sir Kay, two brave knights, as they prepare for the tournament. “One day, I will be a knight like you” little Arthur says. But Kay looks at him and laughs. “You can hardly carry my shield, grunt” he calls out to Arthur.  Arthur hates to be called “grunt” so he saunters away towards the woods.

On the other side of the woods, Princess Guenevere (Guen) is bored as she stares at the minstrel playing different instruments and the a magician conjuring birds out of a hat. She had come with her father to watch a tournament,  but Guen would rather BE a knight in the tournament! Guen thinks she is tough and brave, just like a knight! To escape boredom, she decides to go out for a walk in the woods and get some fresh air!

Arthur and Guen Bored

 Arthur and Guen stumble into each other in the woods. “I am princess Guenevere “ says Guen. “ I am Arthur” says Arthur not really believing that Guen was a princess. As the two “kids” introduce themselves and get to know each other, they find that the woods have some hidden dangers that they are about to encounter!

Arthur and Guen Meeting

In this funny, charming and very original tale, Arthur and princess Guenevere meet accidentally. The two find themselves in the midst of some unpleasant company very suddenly. Arthur decides to step up to the challenge at this young age and decides to take matters in his own hands to save his princess friend Guen. Smile It’s the same kind of courage that he would need in the very near future once he would become the king.

Arthur and Guen cornered

We loved this story! Jon Koons really draws a neat picture of Arthur and Guen as little kids trying to have fun. Imaginative and charming, Koons writes up a highly entertaining tale of the two beloved and well known characters in historical fiction. Igor Oleynikov uses board brush illsutrations with vibrant rich colors. Arthur and Guen’s expressions, Merlin’s appearance and the “bad guys” demeanor are perfectly captured!

Arthu and Guen end

 A fabulous tale, imagination at its best!

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  1. Lovely illustrations, indeed! Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. ccarpinello

    I’m always eager to explore new books in Arthurian Legend. This looks darling! Thanks for sharing, Reshama!

    • reshamad

      Cheryl, this is such a lovely tale and the art work is just brilliant. Hope you get to give it a read!


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