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The Magic Nesting Doll

line The Magic Nesting Doll
by Jacqueline K. Ogburn (Author), Laurel Long (Illustrator)

 A Magical Matryoshka 

One day Katya’s grandmother takes out a little Matryoshka, a magic nesting doll, and gives it to Katya. She warns Katya to only “open” the doll when she is in trouble. The dolls can be opened only three times and after that the “magic will be gone!”

Katya’s grandmother passes away and Katya sets out into the world on her known. She arrives at a city where “it’s always winter and it never thaws, the night is without a moon and a dark without dawn”. Also, the handsome young price Tsarvitch who has been turned to living ice! Katya is so intrigued by the Ice Prince that she decides to go take a look at him at his palace.

Katya decides to climb a tree to take a peek. She gets a glimpse of the frozen prince and her heart fills with pity. But the evil Grand Vizier catches her and asks the guards to put her in the dungeon. Poor Katya is trapped in the dark tiny cell and longs to get out. She remembers the Matryoshka dolls and decides to open one of her magic nesting dolls. As soon as the top half of the doll come out, a sleepy bear steps out.

Magic Nesting Doll Bear

The magical bear asks Katya what her wish was. Katya says “I swore to break this spell, and I would like to get out of this dungeon”. The bear immediately asks Katya to jump on his back and he tears out of the cell and dungeon. The bear then gives a great roar and immediately the cold wind changes and warm winds blow and thaw out the trees. The bear then takes Katya to see the Trasvitch.

The bear takes Katya to the Tsarvitch’s room and disappears, but the spell has not broken. The prince is still in deep slumber although he is less icy than before. When Katya sees his handsome face, her heart fills up with emotion that is more than pity. But once again the evil Grand Vizier catches Katya and this time puts her in a deep ravine. Katya then finds herself opening the second Matroshka doll.

Will Katya finally break the spell? Will the magical Matryoshka dolls work their way into putting an end to town’s spell? Will there be a happy ending for Katya and her prince?

Magic Nesting Doll Tsarvitch

This charming Russian fairy/folk tale will keep you wanting to read more. The story telling is easy to read and read aloud. But it is beautiful art in this book that makes it an amazing book to read. You will find illustrations that art detailed and and rich in purple, blue and red hues. Full page oil paintings of the inside of palace, the beautiful countryside and the incredible detail work on each page makes this book very special.

A wonderful folk tale with brilliant art work!

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