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What The Witch Left

line What The Witch Left
by  Ruth Chew (Author, Illsutrator)

“A Matter-Of-Fact Magic Book”

What would you do if you found “magical” things in the bottom drawer of your dresser? Smile

Louise and Katie find the bottom drawer locked. Katie explains that Aunt Martha had to leave some of her things in the drawer before she had to go away. Curiosity gets the best of the girls and they seek out the key. What they find inside will take them on an adventure!

At first, the things they find (a pair of gloves, a bathrobe, a pair of boots, a mirror and an old dented metal box ) seem quite ordinary. The two girls have no idea that each of these objects have a magical quality about it.

Katie tries on the gloves first. They fit perfectly! Not only that, it feels as if she isn’t wearing the gloves at all. Before she gets a chance to take them off, her piano teacher arrives and she has to sit down for her lessons. Then it happens! As she starts to play, she finds her fingers easily flying over the keyboard. Her music is not just better, it’s impressive. Even the piano teacher is very surprised. After the session, she takes them off and puts them away. She then tries to play the piano. What do you know? Her musical abilities are back to where they were before! Louise wants to try them next. So she puts them on and takes her chalk to draw on the sidewalk. Lo Behold! Her drawings are indeed marvelous!

One by one, the girls figure out the magical qualities of the rest of the items. You have to read the book to find out what happens next

I first “discovered” Ruth Chew’s book and series at Randomly Reading. Alex’s review convinced me this would be a great chapter book to either read aloud or read on your own for 6+ year old’s. And I was not disappointed!

Ruth Chew’s books are super simple to read. The language is natural and conversations are fun. This magical adventure is not scary at all. The situations in her stories are every day events. This mix of every day happenings with a bit of magic makes it fun to read. We found ourselves wanting to turn to the next chapter and then the next  and the next..

Ruth Chew Page

Now we can’t wait to get the next one to read. Fortunately, there is a series of fantasy chapter books by Ruth Chew. Hope you get to give this one a read!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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