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Emily’s Balloon

line Emily’s Balloon
by Komaki Sakai (Author)

” A childhood tale”

A while back my daughter got a balloon. Much like other kids, she is fascinated with balloons. But when the balloon floated away accidentally, she was heart-broken.  This incident reminds me very much of a personal favorite book of ours, a book we read over and over again when our daughter was a toddler. We still talk about it when we think of balloons.

The story of a little girl Emily who gets a balloon one day. Like all children, Emily considers the balloon as her friend. She takes it with her wherever she goes. But when the balloon gets stuck in a tree, Emily is very sad indeed. Will she get her balloon back?

Komaki’s book is such a heart-warming, emotional story. It is a sweet and tender tale of children’s attachment to simple things. I love how the book is complemented with simple black and white illustrations highlighting in color only those parts of the story that tell a tale. If you missed reading this book to your child when they were toddler aged, read it to them now. You won’t regret it.

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