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Goodnight Songs

line Goodnight Songs
by Margaret Wise Brown (Author), Various Award Winning Illustrators

 Lost and found!

Editor Amy Gary was on a mission to find the lost or unpublished manuscripts of Margaret Wise Brown’s works. So when she visited Ms Brown’s sister a while back, she was delighted to find a treasure of work left in a trunk. What Ms. Gary discovered was a collection of poems and songs that Ms Brown was working on in her last few days. A collection of these are now printed and published as “Goodnight Songs”. Thankfully the book comes with a CD of songs to enjoy and not just at bedtime!

This delightful collection of songs and poems for children come beautifully illustrated by 12 award winning artists.  Jonathan Bean’s black and white ink drawings, softly colored in hues of soft greens and winter whites and grays are perfect for the song “The Mouse’s Prayer” . Philippine Children’s National Book award winner Isabel Roxas illustrates the song “Sleep like a Rabbit”. Her impression of the poem will make you lie down right away and spread out for a quite night’s sleep.

Goodnight Songs Jonathan Bean

Goodnight Songs Sleep like Rabbit

And who can forget the soft sweet illustrations from Renta Liwska’s The Quiet Book and The Loud Book? Renta’s little bear floating on a cloud art makes me seek out my own little cloud on which to rest and float away in dreamland Smile

Goodnight Songs Noon Balloon

The soft gentle rhythm and poem/songs in these book are gentle and sweet to listen to. When asked, Ms Brown sister said that Ms Brown really wanted to write songs for kids. She noticed how children made up songs just about anytime and anywhere. Ms Brown wanted to capture that spirit in her songs just as she did in her stories.

An excerpt:

The Noon Balloon:

The Noon Balloon
Wlil be leaving soon
For the sun or the moon.
And wherever it goes,
It will get there too soon.
Aboard was a bear
And a crazy baboon
In the Noon Balloon.
And a monkey, a troll,
And a tiny little mole
One a trip to the moon.

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  1. Oh, I was sitting in my favorite bookstore reading this and had to leave before I finished. When I returned a week or two later, they were all sold out. Need to finish it.
    This is wonderful and so glad to have found this review as well.

    • reshamad

      I love the fact that the song CD is included.. no winder its selling out


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