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Sir Cumference and the Off-the-Charts Dessert

line Sir Cumference and the Off-the-Charts Dessert
by Cindy Neuschwander (Author), Wayne Geehan (Illustrator)

A Mathematical Adventure

The town’s Annual Harvest Faire is around the corner and the royal cooks have fallen ill! Lady Di and Sir Cumference need to find someone post haste to bake the Faire’s dessert. So the two decide to host and judge a sweet contest for the faire.

Luckily they find two eager bakers in town who love to bake up a storm! Pia of Chartres and Bart Graf decide to bake their best treats for the two judges. Pia decides to bake her best quince pie and Bart bakes some yummy cream cookies. In fact, they both do such a great job, Lady Di and Sir Cumference can not decide which one to choose!

So they decide to have another contest! One where the two will cook their top 4 treats as samples and invite the townsfolk to vote for the best.

That evening the two cooks are busy in their kitchens. Soon the delicious aromas attract the townsfolk in front of their shops. People gather to taste the treats and the two bakers try to keep a count of which treats get the most vote. But soon enough there were too many votes to keep track of! Both Pia and Bart are disappointed and decide to extend the contest for one more day!

For the next day’s contest, Pia comes up with a clever way to keep track of her votes.

Sir Cumference and the off the chart dessert Pias idea

And so does Bart.

Sir Cumference and the off the cart deserts Barts technique

But alas there were some mishaps in their best laid plans! Both Pia and Bart find that their scores dusted and flicked away and are back to where they started! 

So the next day the bakers host another contest and come up with a great way to count votes! Pia and Bart present their final votes to Lady Di and Sir Cumference. Who got the most votes? Read this book to find out more! 

Sir Cumference and the off the chart dessert Pias Pie

Sir Cumference and the off the chart dessert Bart's final graph

This is a great math adventure to introduce the graphing concept. The word play used in this book is delightful. But what’s most attractive about this book is the subject matter of desserts, which makes this book an interesting read.

This book was our first one in the series of Sir Cumference books. We loved the idea of reading math books hidden in a story. Looking forward to the rest!

Sir Cumference and the off the cart deserts Series

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  1. Looks interesting, educational and terrifically fun! and tasty, too!

  2. I’ve been really intrigued by this series but haven’t had a chance to read any of them yet. I enjoyed your review and now want to get my hands on them even more! Thanks for sharing this lovely book at Booknificent Thursday this week! Hope to see you again soon!

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by Tina. its always interesting to find books that are educational, fun and also great to read anytime.


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