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Flight School

line Flight School
by Lita Judge (Author, Illustrator)

Reaching for the skies!

Little Penguin arrives at Flight School on a red motorboat. Immediately he declares “I was hatched to fly!” The teachers and students at the school for birds stare at him incredulously. “But you are a penguin”, exclaims the teacher. “Undeniably”, Little Penguin says, “I have the soul of an eagle!”

Flight School eager penguin

Teacher and Flamingo are skeptical. But they allow Little Penguin to join the classes at the Flight School and lessons begin right away!

Flight School disappointed

The students are eager and practice for weeks. Finally it is time for the little birds to “take off”! Will Little Penguin manage to launch himself into the sky? Will his body allow him to soar into the skies?

Flight school lets try again

“Flight School” is an adorable addition to the “Penguins can’t fly” theme of books. As you can tell, the lesson to learn for little ones is to never give up or more importantly try something different! Although, this theme has been done many times before, I still enjoyed reading this version of the cheery, never die attitude of the Little Penguin. One has to love the expressions of joy, disappointment and excitement of the red-goggled Little Penguin. I also like that the author kept this one light-hearted and fun without the usual heavy loading of morals or lessons.

Overall, a cute book, enjoyed reading it as light reading and bright colorful illustrations!

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