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Gazpacho for Nacho

line Gazpacho for Nacho
by Tracey Kyle (Author), Carolina Farias (Illustrator)

A Spanish and English rhyme!

Cleverly written, this funny rhyming tale is about a little “muchacho” called Nacho who more than anything LOVED his soup called gazpacho. He has gazpacho for breakfast and gazpacho for lunch and gazpacho for dinner and for all his snacks! He loves his gazpacho so much that he wouldn’t think of any other foods! All he would ask was “Is there any gazpacho left, please?”

Gazpacho for Nacho gazpacho only

Like all moms, Nacho’s mami is tired and fed up of making gazpacho for Nacho. She dishes out some tasty foods, but all Nacho ever asks for is a bowl of gazpacho!

Now mami has an idea. One day she takes Nacho with her to the market. Nacho is excited because he can pick all his favorite vegetables to make his favorite meal. He is finally going to learn to cook his own gazpacho! But nacho discovers that there is more to his vegetables than just being used in a gazpacho!!

Gazpacho for Nacho cooking

This is a wonderful way to introduce Spanish reading in your children’s vocabulary. The clever rhymes uses a broad range of interesting food words to rhyme with. For example,

Onions, potatoes, cebollas y papas;

Bamboo and spinach: bamboo, espinacas!

Carolina Farias does a fantastic job of adding humor and interest in this picture book with lively and colorful art work. The market scene with the over-sized vegetables is a visual treat. At the back of the book, is a helpful glossary with meaning of all the Spanish words used in the picture book. There is also a handy recipe “Yummy-in-the-tummy Gazpacho” for anyone curious about how its made!

Read this one for the fun Spanish English rhyme. Read it to a picky eater or one who needs to understand healthy food eating habits. Or just read it as a nice bed time rhyming story. Smile

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