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Literally Disturbed : Tales to Keep you up at Night

line Literally Disturbed : Tales to Keep you up at Night
by Ben H. Winters (Author), Adam F. Watkins (Illustrator)

Scary Stories!

Its Halloween!! Grab a copy of “Literally Disturbed” for a campfire or a late night read aloud on Hallows eve. What you get is a collection of 30 “Poe”-tastic poems that are spooky, scary and funny all at the same time!

Come on up to the attic.

Come up if you dare.

Climb up the rickety ladder –

Come up and see what’s there.

Literally Disturbed Mummies

30  spook-tastic rhymes introduces all kinds of monsters — from zombies to vampires, from werewolves to ghosts! These are delightful to read aloud. You will have every trick-or-treater asking for more.

Literally Disturbed werewolf

Excerpt from “Full Moon”:

Once a month,

the moon gets fat;

the world gets weird

Imagine that.

Winter opens with the poem “Scary Stories”, inviting the reader to read on, cautioning the reader on what lies ahead. We found some story-poems not that scary, while others made us look under our beds at night! It was hard to pick out a favorite and we read and re-read this book many times over.

Literally Disturbed headless

Excerpt from “Headless Horseman”

There’s a headless horseman on the loose,

riding his mount through the night.

Gathering speed on a terrible steed,

waking the people with fright.

What makes this book especially spooky are black white and shades of gray in the art work. Watkins lends a certain creepiness to each poem with images voodoo dolls, sleeping vampires and walking skeletons! While some of the images made us flip the page quickly, others made us stare and wonder  Surprised

There is NO denying it.. this book is a Halloween wonder! 

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books


  1. stanleyandkatrina

    Wow! This book looks perfect for Halloween. Probably a bit too creepy for our reader but wow, fantastic for Halloween. Thanks for sharing, Reshamad!
    ~Cool Mom for
    The Stanley & Katrina Gang


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