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Mini Myths

line Mini Myths
by Joan Holub (Author), Leslie Patricelli (Illustrator)

Be Patient, Pandora!

Little Pandora notices a neatly wrapped box tied up with a string. She has no idea who it is for and what is inside it. As she stares at the box, her mother passes by and warns her “Don’t open the box Pandora!”

Be Patient Pandora Inside 2

Can Pandora resist the temptation? Will her curiosity get the best of her?

Be Patient Pandora Inside

Play Nice, Hercules!

Hercules is a naughty little boy. He likes to be big and strong. He likes to be stomp! So when he notices his little baby sister making a castle out of her play blocks, Hercules simply HAS to knock them over!!Smile

Be Nice Herclues Inside

Can Hercules play nice? Will he fix his mistakes and make things better again?

The Mini Myths board books are a “modern” twist to the mythological tales of Pandora and Hercules. An author’s note at the back narrates the myth in short; however, the tie-in is obviously beyond the understanding for this age group. Having said that, I really like the short story and the “morals” of these Mini Myths without necessarily needing the tie-in.

Joan Holub’s simple short words and sentences are perfect for a toddler read aloud story. Leslie Patricelli well known for her colorful toddler books “Yummy, Yuck” is a natural fit for the Mini Myth set.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of the above books from the publishers for an honest opinion. I have NOT received any compensation for this review. All reviews and opinions are entirely my own!

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