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Rosie Revere, Engineer

line Rosie Revere, Engineer
by Andrea Beaty (Author), David Roberts (Illustrator)

Learning to Fail And Not Giving Up!

Rosie Revere is a shy little girl. She doesn’t speak in class. Rosie likes to be alone and build things that she finds in the trash and other places. She has a stash of miscellaneous things. Rosie wants to be an engineer!

Rosie Revere Engineer Collecting

One day Rosie comes up with an invention. A unique hat made for her favorite uncle Fred who is a zoo-keeper. This super special hat is guaranteed to keep the snakes away. Indeed, Rosie is very proud. So when uncle Fred laughs until his eyes fill up with tears, Rosie is “embarrased, perplexed and dismayed.” She tucks her hat away and keeps her dreams to herself.

For a long time Rosie does not build things. Until one day her great-great aunt Rose comes to visit her. Aunt Rose used to work at building airplanes a long time ago. But aunt Rose never got to fly. Truly, for aunt Rose, it was a dream unfulfilled for a very long time.

That night Rosie lays wide-awake. She can not sleep. A daring idea keeps her awake. An idea to invent a machine that will help her aunt fly. But she looks at her hat invention and thinks “No, not I!”

Rosie Revere Engineer Success

Rosie Revere, Engineer is a tale about failing but not giving up. Rosie fails at her hat invention. She is mocked and feels ridiculed. But when Aunt Rose comes into picture, Rosie is given hope. Rosie gets the necessary boost to believe that failing is simply the first step to succeeding. That the only TRUE FAILURE is GIVING UP!

We loved this story. The rhyming verse makes for a great read-aloud at home and in classrooms. We loved that the story is centered around a female character. Parents of little girls can celebrate that tinkering with things is not just a boys domain. But most of all we loved the lesson behind failure. After all engineering is all about prototyping and testing many many times before the final product is made.

A GEM of a book!

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