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Mini Myths

line Mini Myths
by Joan Holub (Author), Leslie Patricelli (Illustrator)

Make a Wish, Midas!

Little Midas loves the color yellow. Its his most favorite color of all. His favorite blanky is yellow. His favorite food the banana is yellow. His clothes are all yellow (yes, even his underpants! Smile) When mom asks him to get dressed one day, holding out a nice pair of blue jeans and matching blue and white shirt, Midas won’t wear that! He wants his favorite yellow clothes instead!

Mini Myths Midas Inside1

But his most favorite toy, little Dinoboo, is green! What can Midas do about that?

Brush your hair, Medusa!

Medusa is a naughty little girl. She likes to jump up and down on her bed. She likes to show off her somersaults. But she DOESN’T like to brush her hair! She did rather brush her little toy mermaid’s hair.. but not hers!

Mini Myths Medusa  Inside1

Uh Oh! Its the door bell ringing and grand ma is here! And Medusa STILL hasn’t had her hair brushed! Smile

“Make a wish, Midas” and “Brush your hair, Medusa” are the second installment in the Joan Holub and Leslie Patricelli’s Mini Myths series. Like the first two books, “Be Patient, Pandora” and ” Play nice, Hercules”, this set of books are loosely based on two mythical characters, King Midas and Medusa. An author’s back note gives us a brief background on the actual mythological story surrounding the characters.

As with the earlier books, Joan Holub’s simple short words and sentences are perfect for a toddler read aloud story. Leslie Patricelli well known for her colorful toddler books “Yummy, Yuck” is a natural fit for the Mini Myth set.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of the above books from the publishers for an honest opinion. I have NOT received any compensation for this review. All reviews and opinions are entirely my own!

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