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Lost for Words

line Lost for Words
by Natalie Russell (Author, Illustrator)

Writer’s Block!

Tapir has a brand new notebook and some nice pencils. He stares at the first blank page wondering what he should write! He stares and stares but nothing comes to mind. His page looks empty and he has no idea what to write!

Lost for words Not know

Tapir’s friend, Giraffe has some pretty good ideas about writing. In fact, Giraffe was writing an excellent poem about a tree. Giraffe sure had a way with words!

Tapir’s other friend Hippo is writing too.. Hippo is sitting in his nice muddy pool, making up a lovely rescue story with Hippo as the hero!

And then there is the lovely Flamingo. Flamingo is quite good with songs. This one poem that she currently writing about is how the sun shines brightly in the sky!

“I MUST be doing something wrong!” thought Tapir too himself. He felt quite lost for words Frown So he decides to find a nice quite spot, on the top of the hill, from where he could see a beautiful view and all his friends in it.. Maybe now he will find some ideas! Smile

Lost for words thinking

“Lost for Words” has a wonderful message. When Tapir finds himself comparing his abilities with the others, he suddenly feels quite incapable. But when he finds that nice quite corner to be alone and find confidence in what he can do.. he finds out that he could be quite unique too.. just like his friends!  I also love the three writing techniques that the author presented. Children will find inspiration in different techniques in which to express themselves.

The bright and colorful screen-print style illustrations in “Lost for Words” are very child-like and likable. The double spread art work with sunny skies, blue and green landscape will make this a fun to read book for kids.

“Lost for Words” may not be unique in its theme, but is very unique in the way the theme is presented. The surprise ending will leave a smile on every readers face Smile

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful book! That book should be a part of every parent and teacher’s library. You are right, it is very child-like and likable. I love when difficult emotions are being expressed in children’s books in such a gentle way!


  2. Oh my goodness, finally something that we have read, hurrah. We got this from the library a few months ago and Gigi just loved it. Thanks for reminding me as I want to put it on our to be purchased pile. Thanks for another great recommendation on the Kid Lit Blog Hop

  3. Comparing with one another is an unavoidable habit of kids. It is lovely to see a book, that talks about this.

  4. A story everyone can relate to. and I love the illustrations. Visiting from the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

  5. ccarpinello

    This sounds like just what I need for inspiration when my words are lost! Thanks for putting on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

  6. Sounds like an inspiring tale to remind up we are all talented in our own special way. Thanks for sharing this book on the hop!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful story and I like the focus on a more unusual animal, the tapir. Those don’t come up to much in North American literature. Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop!


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