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The Widow’s Broom

line The Widow’s Broom
by Chris Van Allsburg (Author)

 “Witch’s brooms don’t last forever!”


We all know Chris Van Allsburg for his famous Jumanji and Polar Express books. I found this book at the library recently and wanted to share this find with you. This is a story of a broom, an old broom which has lost its “powers” and has been gifted to a kind old widow who lives by herself at the end of the village. At first the widow is not sure how to put this “magical” broom to use.. but soon enough the two discover a way to co-exist.  But the jealous and ignorant neighbors are not keen on having “this wicked thing” around their kids and in their town. So they hatch a plot to get rid of it. Will they be successful in separating the two friends? Read this simple suspenseful story to find out

As usual Chris Van Allsburg’s book is a delight to read. The simple language, wonderful narrative and pleasant sepia illustrations all combine to make an impact. The story has the right touch of magic and spookiness to make it enchanting to children and adults alike. The story has a great plot and very well told. Must read!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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