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Greater Estimations

line Greater Estimations
by Bruce Goldstone (Author)

How many rubber duckies are on the cover?

Every day we see objects around us. We find clumps of rocks in the backyard, a line of trees or maybe a group of birds flying in the sky. Have you ever wondered how we can use simple tricks to estimate small Estimations?

Greater Estimations opens with an army of rubber duckies marching towards you! It’s literally a quack attack J Can you count how many are there in this army? Counting one by one, the author claims, is bound to give you a headache!

Eye training” is a simple and effective way to train oneself to recognize groups of say 10 rubber duckies. Now if you can eye train 10, then let’s try looking at a 100. Goldstone shows you that by seeing a small and then large and then larger groups, you can train your eyes to estimate how many objects you can see.

Or how about this batch of skydivers?

Greater Estimations how many

 “Clumping” is a way to divide and estimate. Identify a group of 50 and then mutlitply!

Can you try to estimate how many candies fill this picture?

Greater Estimations how many2

A large part of the book focuses on different estimation techniques like eye training, clump counting and box counting and estimating items in containers. The progression is from simple techniques to some more complex ideas such as how tall things could be or how heavy.

Greater Estimations how tall

What’s not to love about “Greater Estimations”? From growing math vocabulary to having fun counting real life objects, this book is for the whole family!

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