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Elephant Man

line Elephant Man
by Mariangela Di Fiore (Author), Hilde Hodnefjeld (Illustrator)

A story of courage and compassion

“Gather around—prepare to be amazed!” At a tiny little theater in London, every evening, the Elephant Man steps out from behind a curtain. One look at “The Elephant Man” makes one gasp with dismay. They scream in horror and call him “hideous” and a “monster”. But the Elephant Man , whose real name was Joseph Merrick, would rather make people laugh and laugh with them.

Joseph was not born this way. He looked like any other baby. His mother held him just as any other mother would hold her baby. But when Joseph was just a few years old, something unusual started happening to him. He started emitting an unpleasant smell. He developed unusual crumpled lumps all over his body. His mouth became heavy and he lost his ability to speak, smile and make different facial expressions. In short, his body completely transformed and became disfigured.

Elephant Man inside1

What follows is a tragic tale of heart ache and sorrow. Joseph loses his mother very early on. He is treated miserably by everyone around him on account of his disfigurement. Bullied, shunned, rejected and ridiculed, Joseph leads a life of an outcast. Finally Joseph ends up in London and on stage, which seems the only way he can earn money and live on his own.

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Finally after a series of misfortunes, he finally meets a kind doctor who offers to host him in London hospital. Dr Fredrick makes sure Joseph lives in comfortable and has all the books that he can read. Finally Joseph has a place he can call home, a place he feels safe and most importantly a friend who he scientific study. And although Joseph never dared to leave his room, many people from London came to visit him, look at his models and listen to his stories. Joseph makes many good friends.

“Elephant Man” is an interesting biography, a story that highlights the worse and the best side of human nature. While Joseph underfoes horrendous trials at a very early age, he is also fortunate to find kindly souls who offer him comfort, friendship and solace. The author gives Joseph’s story a compassionate voice and highlights the important message to measure a person “by his soul” and not by appearances.

Engaging and highly affecting, this book is an excellent addition to your biography collection.

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