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line Hippopotamister
by John Patrick Green (Author, Illustrator)

Talent or Hard work?

Hippopotamus and his friend Red Panda live in a zoo. A zoo so very neglected and dilapidated that no one visits the zoo anymore. One day, fed up by the living conditions, Red Panda decides to go out in the world and try out a different life. A few months pass and Red Panda comes back to visit his old friend Hippopotamus. Nothing has changed in the zoo. But Hippopotamus is now at his wits end and wants to try out a different life too!

Red Panda is super excited! “Hippopotamister” (human name for Hippopotamus in the human world) knows the Red Panda will find the perfect job for both of them.


At first, Hippopitamister is worried. “How do i know i can do a good job?” he asks. But his buddy red Panda reassures him and helps him build his confidence. So begins their many adventures! They try several different things.. they try their hand at being hair dressers and musicians then plumbers.. chefs, construction workers and so many more! As soon as they are hired, Red Panda manages to get them fired! So from one job to another they “travel”.. and along the way something wonderful is happening!


Through their many “adventures”, Hippopotamister is discovering the many things he is good and not so good at. This journey of self discovery and possibilities is not unique, but wonderfully told through graphic novel feature. Little ones will relate to the “Babar” styled Hippopotamister and his buddy the Red Panda. Older readers will love discovering the many professions/possibilities that are out there waiting to be tried out. And also the idea that one need not be tied to what “you are born to do”.

Hippopotamister finally decides to take a break and go to his old zoo to see if anything has changed. Of course nothing really has changed for the zoo. But Hippopotamister has definitely changed. Changed in the way he now sees things around the zoo. He sees things that need fixing. And he now knows how to fix them too! Thanks to the many many jobs that he has tried out and learned so many new things!


I will let you read this one to find out how it ends. But what a lovely ending. Absolutely recommend this one to readers of ALL ages

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