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What a Beautiful Morning!

line What a Beautiful Morning!
by Arthur A Levine (Author), Katie Kath (Illustrator)

Beautiful inside and out!

L ittle Noah loves those days when his grandparents come to visit. Every morning is a wonderful, beautiful morning. Grandpa and Noah are first to get up while grandma sleeps in. They sing to a lovely tune while they cook up some breakfast and coffee for grandma.

What a Beautiful morning together

Grandpa and Noah look up their “docket of ideas”.. they always have so very many. And so many lovely mornings pass, until one day Noah finds that his grandpa forgets how to cut his french toast!

What a Beautiful morning forgetting

 A few days later, grandpa gets up startled from his nap and has forgotten who Noah was!!! Noah dashes outside, broken-hearted and not sure what has become of his beloved grandpa.

What a Beautiful morning forgetting things

Arthur Levine’s “What a Beautiful Morning” is a poignant, touching tale of aging and memory loss. The author’s simple to follow text highlights the joys of togetherness and the sorrow and hurt that comes with finding out something is wrong with your loved ones. Katie Kath’s brilliant watercolor artwork adds a superb dimension to the tale. The gentle yellow and brown hues draw you in enveloping the reader in the warmth of the relationship between grandchild and grandparent. The contrasting grays subtly draw out the feelings of sadness and loneliness.

With the help of his grandma, Noah learns to cope with his grandpa’s sudden forgetfulness. He learns to celebrate the times when grandpa is around and then be patient and wait until the next moment comes.

“What a Beautiful Morning” is a beautiful picture book, a tale of love and empathy, about finding your way back through compassion and patience. Highly recommended!!

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