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The Fall of General Custard

line The Fall of General Custard

by Matthew Damon (Author), Gideon Kendall (Illustrator) 

The Overthrow of a Leftover!

Life in the refrigerator is peaceful and quite. Queen Honeydew is a just and fair queen. Various food groups have their respective shelves and they are nice and neat. Every food has its own place in the fridge.

Then one day a fresh jar of maraschino cherries arrive. The fruits called out “hello!, come join us!” and so the cherries find themselves next to the jar of olives on the top shelf. Rosaline the cherry makes a new friend with Romeo, the olive. They played hide-and-seek and have such fun together.

Fall of General Custard friends

But there are grumbles and rumbles in the bottom shelves. General Custard, an unhappy old leftover, is causing quite a stir. He has a bone to pick! and demands the cherries to join the desserts and not sit with the fruit! But the fair queen intervenes and allows the cherries to make the choice. General custard is furious that the cherries won’t join the desserts and in the stealth of the night hatches a plot.. a plot to “foodnap” the cherries!

Fall of General Custard battle

Oh what is to happen in the peaceful land of fruits? Would the cherries be separated from the olives? and who will make a stand against the evil intentions of the sour General custard?

“The Fall of General Custard” is a delightful and engaging tale about a food fight that needs to be resolved asap! Matthew Damon writes with wit and rhyme. His sense of humor, simple rhythm and play of words makes this story entertaining and engaging. Gideon Kendall’s delightfully detailed art work pulls the reader in and keeps one hooked. We kept looking through all the food emotions and reactions… the food fight was really the most fun page to “watch”.

A perfect read out aloud book or a bedtime story! This is sure to be a favorite among kids!

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