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Elwood and the Witch

line Elwood and the Witch
by Nicholas Heller (author), Joseph A. Smith (Illustrator)

Bring me back my broom, or I’ll turn you into a..a.. “

Our family loves to go on “book” treasure hunts. And Library Book Sales are the perfect place to go. We are all ready and set to go, first thing Saturday morning when there is a scheduled book sale at our favorite libraries around the bay area. On one such adventure, we got our hands on “Elwood and the Witch”.

Elwood is a little pig wandering about in the night in the woods, when he discovers a broom at the bottom of a tree. Thinking that he could make use of the old broom at this house, he picks it up. Quite unexpectedly, the broom starts to shiver and tremble and then suddenly launches itself with Elwood holding on tight, in the night moonlit sky! Surely this was no ordinary broom. And soon enough the owner of the broom, a witch, comes screaming out of the woods crying “Stop Thief!”. And so begins a hilarious tale of the witch, her awry broom and Elwood. While the witch “shoots” out spell after spell to make Elwood come down with her broom, poor Elwood is clueless about navigating the witch’s broom.

This action packed story is complete with wonderful night time illustrations with a narrative that will keep you on edge. The fun factor of this book is the temper tantrums the witch throws along with the poor hapless Elwood trying desperately to explain to the witch that he has NO clue how to make the broom stop. Will they find a way to peacefully resolve the situation?

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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