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The Storybook Knight

line The Storybook Knight

by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty (Author, Illustrator) 

A gentle Knight

Leo was a gentle knight! He liked to mostly sit and read. But that is not what Knights are “supposed” to do, is it? So Leo’s parents decide to “encourage” him to go out into the world and fight some dragons and win some fame and glory!

The Storybook Knight Parents

So Leo packs his bags, carries all the books he will need on his journey and his new shiny sword and shield. First he meets a beautiful griffin! Leo is unafraid and “reads” his way out of a fight. Next he meets a troll. Leo manages to charm him with his story telling skills. Finally, Leo reaches a town stinking and filthy. Scared faces look out of the window. A ferocious dragon approaches Leo. Will Leo be able to escape this one without any harm?

The Storybook Knight fierce dragon

Written in verse, “The Storybook Knight” is a wonderful tale about courage viewed from a different lens. The message for little ones if very strong: look for different ways to solve the problem! or one need not “fight” to be brave! We loved reading this book by ourselves as well as aloud many times. The beautiful detailed artwork with lovely kid friendly shades of colors are eye catching to say the least. The Storybook Knight will delight all ages, but is ideal for ages 3-5. Highly recommend for your home or school libraries!

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