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Tales from the Arabian Nights

line Tales from the Arabian Nights

by Donna Jo Napoli (Author), Christina Balit (Illustrator) 

Blast from the past

One of the earliest memories of stories from my childhood were from the Arabian nights. The charm and mystic around Scheherzade’s 1001 stories enchant and enthrall kids today. So when I came across National Geo’s publication of Donna Naploi’s collection from the”Tales from the Arabian Night”, I was delighted to read this one to my little one. And to my pleasure our little one read it cover to cover!


This rendition of the “Tales from the Arabian Nights” is a selection of the 1001 stories. This book has the popular Sinbad, Aladin and Ali Baba stories and a few other interesting stories. Author Donna Napoli does the stories justice by weaving them into one another seamlessly. The stories within the story is superbly executed, keeping the reader wanting to find out “what happens next”! Christina Balit brings these beloved stories to life with beautiful bright and colorful illustrations. The double spread of pages alternating between text and illustrations makes this book a great addition to the home library.


What makes this book extra special are all the “extras” in the book. Side notes and snippets educate to various cultural aspects of the original stories.  The glossary has a a beautiful map of the middle east with a detail on the time period for these stories. The author has also tried to identify various cities and places that were highlighted in the original stories.


I would recommend for middle graders and above. The stories although selective, flow very well and make this book a very gift worthy, library worthy book.

Highly recommended!

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