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My Lucky Day

line My Lucky Day
by Keiko Kasza (Author, Illustrator)

A trickster Tale

Adelightful tale complete with bright funny illustrations by Keiko Kasza. This story tells of a scheming pig who “accidentally” arrives at the door of an hungry fox. The fox is delighted (“This is my lucky day!”) at having to skip a hunting expedition, starts preparing for “pig roast” for dinner. However, the clever pig begs “I am filthy, shouldn’t you clean me first?” Then the fox has to give the pig a bath.. and so goes the simple but funny tale of the pig and the fox.. whose lucky day is it after all?

I love a clever story. This is so much more than that. The plot thickens as you read the pig’s demands. The fox’s reactions are superbly illustrated. This book will make you smile and think and laugh. And don’t forget to read the very last page.. the “climax” reveal is the one that you won’t see coming

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