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My First Book of Hockey

line My First Book of Hockey

by Editors of Sports Illustrated for Kids

A Sports Book for Rookies!

My First Book of Hockey is an non fiction children’s books introducing the little readers to the game. Editors of Sports Illustrated for Kids also have a “My First Book of Baseball” and “My First Book of Football” in the same series which follow the same pattern.

Imagine a little sports enthusiast wanting to understand what the game of Hockey is all about. What is the goal of the game? What are the specific rules? Who are the players and how many? What is the language used in the game? These are some of the questions that “My First Book of Hockey” tries to answer.

My First Book of Hockey inside 1


This introductory sports book, is cleverly laid out for the “rookie” reader. Taken from the many SI photographs, the editors choose players in various positions such as face-off, check, pass or slap-shot. A little character who probably represents the rookie reader, travels through the pages along side the cut outs of the actual players chosen to explain the game of hockey.

My First Book of Hockey inside 2

While I really like the idea of how simple language, limited text and use of cut out photography is used to make the game understandable to the newest of readers; I wondered why the editors seem to add the call out bubbles to either the players or the little character on the pages. The call-outs through out the book have nothing to do with the text on each page and are often just imaginary thoughts from the people seen on the page. This was quite distracting and sometimes even annoying.

I would have loved to see some more “game” language or strategy talk among players to make it more relevant.

I was excited to pick up these books. I think the layout and the simplicity works. However I what seemed to be an attempt at humor through the call-outs, fail in my opinion and I wish that this was done a little more cleverly or subtly. Overall, a good introductory start for the under 5 years age group.


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    It looks like a great book. I know a few people who would like this.


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