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The Hole in the Dike

line The Hole in the Dike
retold by Norma Green (Author), Eric Carle (Illustrator)

A tale of Courage

“The Hold in the Dike” is set in Holland complete with wonderful illustrations of windmills and tulips. But this story is a tale of a young boy’s courage.

In this story, a young boy, Peter, goes to visit his friend on his bike.  But soon it gets dark and Peter needs to get back home. So he climbs atop the dikes and takes a short cut as he pedals back towards home. Now a dike is a strong embankment built to keep the low lying lands of Holland safe from sea water flooding in. While riding back, Peter hears a sound.. a small trickling of water from the hole in the dike! Peter realizes how serious this problem is. Left alone, the water could weaken the dike and bring in the sea water, flooding the lands. Homes, lands and livelihoods would be drowned! Peter has to do something. But he is all alone, what could he do? How can he help?


The story was first told by Mary Mapes Green over a 100 year ago. Norma green’s retelling is classic and well told for today’s generation. Although this is not a true story, visitors to Holland would ask for a young boy called Peter. The Dutch finally decided to put a statue in a town called Spaarndam and inscribed these words:


Dedicated to our youth to honor the boy who symbolizes the perpetual struggle of Holland against the water.

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