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Motor Girls

line Motor Girls

by Sue Macy (Author), Danica Patrick (Foreword)

How Women took the wheel and drove boldly into the 20th Century

Motor Girls is an thoroughly researched book about the history of women and automobiles. Author Sue Macy’s earlier book “Wheels of Change” recounts the history of how women took to the bicycle. Curious about what happened after women took to riding the bike, Sue Macy digs into the past and brings to us this brilliantly researched book on Motor Girls.

Motor Girls Fair sex at the wheel

Motor Girls chronicles the journey of how women came to be behind the wheel and the challenges they faced in getting there. The author opens with a lovely foreword by Danica Patrick who recounts her own challenges in becoming the “fastest driver” and not just the “fastest woman” of the 20th century. An introduction by Sue Macy details her own motivation into digging into the past on Motor Girls and what road the women of the early 1900’s had to undertake to become women drivers of the 20th century.

Motor Girl Amelia Walker

Motor Girls early chapters introduces the reader to a brief but engaging history of the motor car. Following which, Sue Macy dives into perception issues around women drivers in the early 1900’s to role of women during WWII. Women were believed to “not trained to think of two things at once”, a skill clearly required to drive motor cars. Other believed that driving would undermine women’s femininity, having to deal with all the dirt and dust from driving on mud ridden roads. Finally, more people believed that the independence that women might get due to driving would upset the social structure existing at the time.

Motor Girls Cars for women

Objections to driving were made from not just men but also other women. However, as Sue Macy narrates, there were enough women to take up the challenge, enough women wanting to feel the freedom of being behind the wheel and enough women who wanted to prove themselves over and over again.

And as more women drivers hit the road, women mobilized in many more ways, ultimately giving up their traditional roles and taking up newer and better opportunities to employment.

Through simple but engaging narration, Sue Macy writes about Motor Girls with lovely period photography and snippets of historical factoids sprinkled through the book. A wonderful and important read for everyone!

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  1. This book seems great! My husband is a car guy and it seems like a fun book we can both enjoy really.

  2. Jeanine

    This sounds like an interesting read! I would love to check it out! I am hunting down some new books to check out!

  3. This book sounds interesting. I’m not a big novel reader but this one sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This sounds like a very interesting book – I love genealogy and reading about the olden days so this is right up my street!

  5. annalisanuttall

    This sound like an interesting book. I will check this out. xx

  6. This looks really interesting! I love books about history and this looks like one I would enjoy.

  7. I really think it’s awesome that there’s a book like this. What a great way to encourage girls as well. It’s nice to know more about women in the past.

  8. I think it’s cool that Danica Patrick did the foreward for this book. I wish I had some of these ladies to whisper encouragement in my ear as I come closer to getting my license.

  9. This sounds like a great read!! My how times have changed! Thank goodness for those who paved the road for us to drive!

  10. annettepimentel

    I still think about Wheels of Change often when I hop on my bicycle. I’m excited Sue Macy is looking at cars, too!


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