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Norse Myths

line Norse Myths

Aby Kevin Crossley-Holland(Author) , Jeffrey Alan Love (Illustrator)

Tales of Odin, Thor, and Loki

“Norse Myths” is a Candlewick Studio publication packed with stories and tales of Gods, Goddesses and giants from the Norse Mythologies. The book opens with a note from the author explaining the origins of the stories. Author Kevin Crossley-Holland explains that a long time back the Vikings believed that human beings lived on Middle Earth. This land was shared with creatures such as dwarfs and giants. Above Middle Earth was Migard, the land of gods and goddesses. The third level, one below the Middle Earth, was the land of the dead ruled by a woman whose body was half alive and half dead. The three levels were connected by an enormous ash tree, the Suffering tree which was their version of the Tree of Life.

Much later, the Vikings moved away from believing in these tales. These stories were then captured as Norse Myths. This rendition is author Kevin Crossley-Holland’s attempt at capturing these tales once more and reminding us the charm and adventure behind Norse Mythologies.

A Table of Content is followed by an introduction to the characters in the stories:

Norse Mythologies Gods1-horz

What follows are the tales about the Viking Gods and Goddesses. Each tale is beautifully illustrated in two tone colors that give these stories a very unique sense of mystic. The negative spaces capture the characters of the tales with splendor and glamour. Stories are written in lyrical prose and bring these tales to life!

Norse Myths Inside2

An amazing collection of stories, this is a great set to add to your reading shelf. Readers of mythology would rejoice in reading this new book!

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