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Ballet for Martha

line Ballet for Martha

Making of Appalachian Spring

by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan(Author), Brian Floca (Illustrator)

“Ballet for Martha: The Making of Appalachian Spring” got the prestigious Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Non Fiction for Children award. And what a wonder it is.

 This is a story about making of a ballet performance called the “Appalachian Spring”. It tells about collaboration and team work. It talks about passion and perseverance and persistence. Dancer Martha Graham wanted to break the mould of traditional ballet style and make something “new”. So she collaborated with Aaron Copland and Isamu Noguchi to create a production called Appalachian Spring.

This book is a journey and discovery into what goes into making a musical production.  The book is so brilliantly written that one needs to read this book to discover what went into the “making”. The illustrations are simple but beautiful. True to all the qualities of the original production, this book is a superb collaboration of art and literature.

So if you want to know how beautiful things are created.. start here!

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