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The three little wolves and the big bad pig

line The three little wolves and the big bad pig
by Eugene Trivizas (Author), Helen Oxenbury (Illustrator)

Laugh out Loud!

Once upon a time, there were three cuddly little WOLVES . When it was time to go out and build their own home, their mother warns them about the big bad PIG and to watch out for him. The wolves pay heed to their mothers warning and build sturdy dwellings with help from random animals.Soon after, sure enough, the PIG finds them. The pig tries to huff and puff and bring the house down. BUT the house don’t fall down. Now, the pig wasn’t called big and bad for nothing! What does he do to knock the house down? Read to find out this funny story with a surprise ending.


This modern version of classic fairy tale is a delightful read for both adults and children. The watercolor illustrations by Helen Oxenbury do full justice portraying the bad pig. The story is updated with modern gadgets like sledgehammer and goes well with hilarious text by Eugene Trivizas. It is one of our favorites in the fractured fairy tales category.

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