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“E” is for Elisa

line “E” is for Elisa
by Johanna Hurwitz (Author), Debbie Tilley (Illustrator)

 Sibling Rivalry!

Four year old Elisa is all grown-up. In fact, she wishes to catch up with Russell, her eight year old big brother. She hates it when he teases her and calls her a “cry baby”. She tries to accomplish everything Russell boasts of. Then one day, Elisa decides to show Russell she can do anything he can which becomes a recipe for disaster.

Johanna Hurwitz has written a number of books about Russell and his family, but among all the characters she writes, our favorite is the charming Elisa. Whether she is trying to keep a secret or wear a swimsuit in the middle of winter to school, Elisa’s character is adorable. There are no plots or themes around these stories, just mundane details of a child’s daily life. But what is striking with Hurwitz’s writing is how she cleverly uses simple words and conjures up stories that seem to reach young listeners.

These chapter books with very little illustrations are for middle readers or younger ones who are keen to listen to longer stories.

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