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Big Bad Bruce

line Big Bad Bruce
by Bill Peet(Author)

Don’t be a Bully!

Forever green forest was peaceful until big bad Bruce showed up. He was not just big and bad, but was a bully too. He derived great pleasure troubling and frightening smaller animals in the forest. What Bruce called fun was to scare the wits of everyone. The most fun for Bruce was rock tumbling. One day he makes an awful mistake and crosses path with a crafty old witch, Roxy. From then on, his life will never be the same.

Bill Peet’s books are a wonderful read when your child has outgrown board books and picture stories with few words and are ready to listen to longer ones. We enjoy his style of storytelling with subtle humor while reinforcing the consequences of being bad. His crayon and black line illustrations bring out the mood and expressions of the characters well and are fun to look at. His books also gives an opportunity for younger children to expand their vocabulary with big words like smithereens and bedraggled.

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