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Seven Silly Eaters

line Seven Silly Eaters
by Mary Ann Hoberman (author), Marla Frazee (Illustrator)

  A Family Favorite.

How does a mother deal with persnickety eaters? Not one, but SEVEN! Each of them wanting to eat only one kind of labor-intensive food. What started off as a manageable task for the first son Peter, becomes less than doable. As they grew, their appetites kept growing too and they wanted more. Soon, the house is in disarray, with tons of dirty dishes and overflowing laundry. Mrs. Peters a kind and loving mother flips and goes to bed early thinking her children have forgotten her birthday next day. The present from her children solves their problem and pleases everyone

The story of seven silly eaters will become a big hit with young listeners as it did with ours. This rhyming book is very funny with some wonderful illustrations. The Peters couple have seven kids in extremely short order each one demanding their favorite food be made to perfection. Including the youngest twins who are impossible to tell apart and both eat eggs. “But Flo liked poached eggs and Flan liked fried. If she mixed them up, they cried”.

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