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The Lion’s Share

line The Lion’s Share
by Matthew McElligott (Author, Illustrator)

 A tale of Halving Cake and Eating it Too

Lion, the king of the jungle, invites his close friends the beetle, the frog, the macaw, the warthog, the tortoise, the gorilla, the hippo, the elephant and the new invitee on the list, the ant to dinner. The ant was pretty anxious since it was his first time and was keen on making a good impression on the king of the jungle.

So well mannered and on time, the ant arrives at the dinner table. But when dinner is served, she is shocked at her ill-mannered, late arriving, messy and greedy fellow dinner guests. When she looks at the king, he says nothing at all! Finally the dessert arrives, a large cake. The king, the gracious host, passes it to the elephant and says “help yourself!” And then the fun begins… A half becomes a fourth and a fourth becomes a eighth. But when the ant gets her share (1/128th!!), she is not sure how to “share” it with the lion.

 The Lion’s Share is a brilliant learning book about halving and doubling. Kindergartners and early math readers will love the story of how a cake can be halved. When the ant offers to bake “a” cake for the kind, her fellow guests “double” up to make more and more cakes..

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