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The Sweetest Fig

line The Sweetest Fig
by Chris Van Allsburg (Author)

When Your Dreams Come True!

MMonsieur Bibot is a dentist who lives in the city of Paris. Sophisticated but fussy, this French dentist lives with his dog Marcel, who he doesn’t like very much. One day Bibot has a lady visitor, a patient, who is quite penniless. The old lady gives Bibot a pair of “magical” figs.. figs that could literally make his dreams come true. Bibot dismisses her but soon discovers that the lady was not joking! What follows is a fantastic tale with a powerful moral.

Like all his other books, Chris Van Allsburg’s “The Sweetest Fig” is a delight to read for young and old. You will find his typical sepia toned illustrations, fantastic plot and well crafted ending. This book will surprise you and make you want to go back for more.

Love all things Chris Van Allsburg!

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