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The Scarecrow’s Hat

line The Scarecrow’s Hat
by Ken Brown (Author, Illustrator)

A Gentle Picture Book

AChicken finds herself admiring the Scarecrow’s Hat. In fact, she likes it so much, that she asks the scarecrow if he could part with it. Now the scarecrow would gladly give his hat to the chicken. But his arms have been very tired from holding up for so long. A nice walking stick would give his arms some much needed rest. So off goes the chicken in search of a good strong walking stick. Soon he stumbles upon the Badger who has just such a stick. But the Badger’s door won’t stay open and he would like something to tie to the door to make it stay open. So off goes the chicken in search for something to tieā€¦ and so goes the story of the very determined Chicken.

We loved this tale for its simple repetitions and vibrant watercolored illustrations. Its a good tale which teaches the value of problem solving and persistence. This creative chicken’s quest is an easy going funny tale perfect for 2 – 6 year olds.

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