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The Tale of Two Mice

line The Tale of Two Mice
by Ruth Brown (Author, Illustrator)

A “Lift the Flap” Book 

Two mice Bo and Billy find themselves hungry after running out of food. So they decide to venture out of their mouse hole and search the big house for food. Billy, the older mouse, warns Bo to be cautious outside and to keep a watch for anything suspicious and to warn him if he sees anything dangerous. So forewarned, Bo and Billy stealthily move across many rooms in search of food. But someone is sneaking and quietly following the two from room to room.. Lift the flap to find out if you can spot who it is?

One feels that after a certain age you have outgrown the “lift the flap” books. But when we picked this book up at the library, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves reading this book many times over! This book is an oversized hardcover book with beautiful double spread illustrations. The places used for “lift-the-flap” are very interesting scenes in the room and very aptly placed.

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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