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The Insomniacs

line The Insomniacs
by Karina Wolf (Author), Brothers Hilts (Illustrator)

Not a Conventional Bed Time Story

Afamily moves 12 time zones away because Mrs. Insomniac finds a new job. Mother, Father and Daughter settle in and go to bed. But the first night is a difficult night. After all its day time back in their old home. The next day is even more difficult as the family struggles to keep awake. Mother tried her best to keep from snoozing on the job. Father tries to catch a “few” winks between his photography and Daughter can’t keep up with her lessons. So what is the family to do? They tried many things to fall asleep.. a nice warm glass of milk before bed,¬† extra drapes to make the room dark, a hot bath and counting to a thousand. But nothing seems to be working!

So the family decides to “adapt”.. they finally embrace the night and everything that goes with living in the dark ( the stars, moon, fireflies, nocturnal animals and northern lights!).

This is a beautifully illustrated book. If you are a fan of Tim Burton style art, this book is a must read. The story itself is fresh and different from the many typical “bed time” stories. Not Goodnight! but Stay Up!

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