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The Elephant’s Child

line The Elephant’s Child
by Rabbit Ears (Author), Jack Nicholson (Narrator)

A Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So” Story

Never knew that we would love Jack Nicholson’s narration of this classic Just So story! The “insatiable child” (an elephant baby) is curious about everything in the forest. But all his elders spank him for being so “bold” and asking so many questions. So one day when he asks “what does the crocodile have for dinner?” he gets an unusual amount of spanking. But this time, he is determined to find an answer. And so begins his journey through the vast lands of Africa to the Limpopo river..

Jack Nicholson’s narration and Bobby McFerrin’s sound effects and music adds a distinct charm to this tale. The African beats and sounds in this cultural folktale along with the colorful descriptions of the wildlife (Kolokolo bird, bi-colored python rock snakes, hippos and baboons) will transport you to Africa. This easy going narration of The Elephant’s Child (Jack Nicholson is NOT scary i promise ) is storytelling at its best!

Find it here: Library (CD), Amazon (CD), Better World Books (book)


  1. Vinita

    This is one of our favorites! My son and I enact this story in the kiddie pool at the local rec center. We have it on the Nook Tablet and its the version where you can record the story in your voice for you child to hear. Love it! Didn’t know that there was a version with Jack Nicholson and Bobby McFerrin. Will now look for that. Thanks much.

    • reshamad

      Thats wonderful VInita! I hope you enjoy the others as well. We loved Paddington Bear. One can not do better than Stephen Fry’s voice over! highly recommend it


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