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Extra Yarn

line Extra Yarn
by Mac Barnett (Author), Jon Klassen (Illustrator)

A Magic Box of Yarn

When it snows, everything in the town starts to look white and black. One winter day, little Annabelle finds a mysterious box. When she opens it she finds yarn inside of it.. lots of colorful yarn. So she decides to knit herself a nice colorful sweater.. and when she sees that others like it, she knits some for them as well. After all that knitting, she still has yarn left over. So she keeps on knitting.. for her dog, for her neighbors,for her classmates and for all the people in town. And still Annabelle has “extra yarn”! So Annabelle decides to knit some for the animals in the forest too!

Has she run out of yarn? Not quite yet.. so Annabelle decides to stretch her imagination and make sweaters for things that don’t need them.. like houses and mailboxes This little box of yarn is quite a miracle. One day, a greedy archduke hears about it, and decides to buy it from her. But Annabelle won’t sell her little box of yarn. So the archduke decides to steal it ..

This is a great read for kids of any age. It has a moral to the story which says that its ok to be different. The subtle humor in this book will appeal to the little ones too. The illustrations are done beautifully. The contrast colors of the yarn with the white of the snow works very well in this story.  Overall a well executed story.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this book is fantastic. I read it to a play group of little kids and mommies. It was loved by everyone. I had so many people come to me afterwards and ask for the name of the book so they could go and buy it.

    • reshamad

      I so agree with you Dena! I loved the art in this book. The story was just as beautiful. I am so glad your listeners loved this book as much as we did! thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. Lorie

    This looks like a great one – going to check it out!



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