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House Held up by Trees

line House Held up by Trees
by Ted Kooser (Author), Jon Klassen (Illustrator)

 Nature and Nurture

A new house finds itself a new family. The father loves the house and takes good care of it. But he is very particular about the grass lawn around the house. He likes the lawn to be perfectly trimmed with no weeds or bushes around it. So he meticulously mows and trims it whenever its time. The children love the woods nearby. The tall trees and bushes make for perfect hiding and playing place for them.

Soon the kids are all grown up and move to the city. The father joins them and puts the house for sale. But sadly, there are no takers. And there is no one anymore taking care of the “perfect” lawn. Years pass by, the house and the lawn is neglected. So the trees take over…

This is a beautiful book. Klassen’s signature illustrations of muted but warm colors amplifies the text and brings the book to life. The illustrations show the changing times and the life of the house as it goes through seasons and years of change. The images in this book stayed with me for a long time. The idea of the house finding its place in nature after being neglected and abandoned gives the story a beautiful wonderous ending.

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  1. Wow, I just love the idea of this book. I will put it on the to read list. Thanks for linking it in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop, cheers Julie Grasso

    • reshamad

      Its a very beautiful book Julie. Hope you get to read it.


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