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How Much is a Million?

line How Much is a Million?
by David M Schwartz (Author), Steven Kellogg (Illustrator)

From Abstract to Concrete

My kindergartner recently started using numbers in her expression. “Mommy, this tree is as tall as 10 of me!” or “Mommy, we went around the park 100 times!” or “Mommy, Daddy has 500 hairs on his head!” And every time the numbers increase, her eyes grow wider and wider

Numbers are fun for kids, but they are “funner” when used in their child like context. “How much is a million” is a great book to educate kids on what these really large numbers really mean. How much is a million? If you had a million stars drawn on paper, how long would that paper be? Or if you had a million children stand on top of each other, would they touch the moon?

Filled with great ways to express numbers, this book is a must read for early math learners or just anyone who enjoys numbers!

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