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line Manfish
by Jennifer Berne (Author), Eric Puybaret (Illustrator)

“Il faut aller voir”

“We must go and see for ourselves”

Manfish is the story of Jacques Cousteau, his journey in discovering the underwater ocean world. The book opens with a little boy born near the ocean side and who listens to the fascinating stories about the ocean. He is in awe of the ocean and even dreams about it. Thats not all that he is curious about…As he grows up, he also develops a curiosity about how machines work. One day Jacques gets a camera. He takes it apart to find out how it works and then puts it back together. From then on, the camera is his constant companion. He travels all over the world and takes lots of pictures and movies.

One day he gets his hands on a pair of goggles. Wearing these, he plunges into the deep blue waters and discovers a world he had never imagined before. But he needs to come back for air often. Jacques wishes he could stay under water longer, so that he could travel farther and even take pictures and make movies to show people above the fantastic world below water. So he goes onto make “aqualung” a tank which would allow him to stay under water longer. ┬áBut soon he discovers that his much loved underwater world is dying because of human ignorance. What can he do? How can he help change the ways of the people?

Beautifully written and well illustrated, this book is a great read for nature lovers.

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