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Tell Me A Story

line Tell Me A Story
by Amy Friedman (Author)

Timeless Folktales from around the world

Highly recommended! Although this book is categorized as a children’s audio book, it is so well made that even the older audiences will enjoy listening to these “Timeless” tales. The “Tell Me a Story” is a collection of short stories (8 stories) narrated by some of the best screen/stage talent. These folktales from different parts of the world have a moral at the end of each tale. From Africa to America and from Scotland to Turkey, these stories offer a glimpse into the culture of the people from these countries. My 5 year old loved this set. She could easily relate to the lessons in these stories and was eager to discuss those with me. I have read/heard some of these tales in my childhood and was delighted to share them with my daughter.

We can’t wait to get the next two in this series “Tell Me A Story 2: Animal Magic” and “Tell Me A Story 3: Women of Wonder”

The first set CD contains:

1. A Sense of Theft – read by Lore Ada Jaroslow

2. Anansi and Turtle’s Feast – read by Rick Hall

3. The Selkie Bride – read by Lauren Tom

4. Two Frogs from japan – read by Jack McGee

5. The Clever Girl – read by Charlayne Woodard

6. Searching for Fear – read by Poppy Champlin

7. Rabbit on the Moon – read by William Thomas Jr.

8. The Boatman’s howling Daughter – read by Kathleen Wilhoite

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books


  1. We have loved these audio stories for years. My daughter started listening to them (we have 3 different ones in the series) when she was 4. Now 11, she still will pop in the CD on those days she needs a comfort “read.”

    • reshamad

      I wish I could find the others in my local library Terry.. but i plan to get these online. We enjoyed them very much. Thanks for leaving a comment!


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