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line Redwoods
by Jason Chin (Author, Illustrator) 

A Tree that can be a forest onto itself

Jason Chin does it again! Much like his other books, the author takes us deep into the world of Redwood forests. This gem of a book has all the characteristics that we love about his books. The book opens with a young boy finding the book “Redwoods” at a train station. Intrigued, he picks it up as he boards his train. Quickly he gets engrossed in the book. As he reads, the book slowly “engulfs” him and soon he finds himself transported into the world of the mighty redwoods. Sounds familiar?

We love the colorful illustrations. The author packs this book with so many interesting facts about the mighty giants. We loved drifting away with the young boy into discovering how the Redwoods are an ecosystem onto themselves. The fact that these trees grow other species of trees on themselves was news to us. These trees are also homes for some very rare species which survive only in the old redwood forests. The book goes on to educate us on how tall and how long these trees live. The trees even make their own rain!

Whats not to love about this superior non-fiction book for kids?

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