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Belinda the Ballerina

line Belinda the Ballerina
by Amy Young (Author)

If you ever had a dream… 

Belinda wants to become a ballet dancer.. a Ballerina. She goes to a dancing school and practices every day. She works very hard to be graceful. But she has two very large problems.. her left foot and her right foot. Indeed, she has some really large feet!

But Belinda is not discouraged. It has never bothered her and never stopped her from doing what she loved best. But the snotty judges at the “Annual Ballet Recital” take one look at her feet and STOP her right there! Poor Belinda. She is heartbroken. Will she ever be able to dance again?

A beautifully written and illustrated book, Belinda will charm her way into every young ballerina’s heart. If you ever had a dream and wanted to make it come true, this is a book for you. Belinda’s courage and sheer persistence is a great lesson to any kid who thought “they couldn’t do it!”. Can’t wait to read to more on Belinda in Amy Young’s series of Belinda the Ballerina books.

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