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The Funny LIttle Woman

line The Funny LIttle Woman
by Arlene Mosel (Author), Blair Lent (Illsutrator)


In┬áJapan, long ago, there lived a funny little woman who liked to laugh and make rice dumplings. One day her rice dumpling slipped and rolled onto the floor and into a hole in the floor. The funny little woman chased after it. She fell into the hole as it gave away beneath her feet. She kept chasing after it. Along the way, she met statues of Gods who warned her not to go further because at the end of the tunnel lived the evil “Oni”. But the fearless and cheery old woman would not give up. And alas, the Oni captured her and kept her to cook for them. Will the poor funny little woman ever get away?

This lovely folklore from Japan won the Caldecott Medal in 1973, but the story is still fresh to read. The jade and orange illustrations blend beautifully with the story telling. My daughter loved looking at the evil Oni pictures and wondering what was to happen of the little woman. The happy ending will delight the young readers. A well written and executed book. Folktales are indeed timeless. Read them anytime and they never fail to enchant you

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