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The Man Who Walked Between The Towers

line The Man Who Walked Between The Towers
by Mordicai Gerstein (Author, Illustrator)

Dreaming the Impossible!

“For Real?” my daughter asks me several times as I read this book out to her. The tale of Philippe Petit, a French Arialist, who as a street performer loved to juggle, ride on unicycles and most of all walk on tight-ropes. When Petit saw the two towers in New York rise up to meet the sky, he saw not the towers, but the space in between. “What a wonderful place to stretch a rope” he thought. And then began a mission to accomplish the impossible. He knew that the authorities would never allow it. He knew that people would call him crazy! So he decides to do it secretly.

One evening, dressed up as a construction worker, accompanied by his friends, he rides up to the top floor and sets up his equipment. After nightfall, he and his friends start the dangerous and rigorous process of stretching the cable between the two towers. By the time it is day break, the team has accomplished the task and Petit is ready to take his first step out.

Effortlessly he walks out as if he were walking on air! Strong winds are blowing, but Petit is unafraid. He has dreamed of this moment. He feels free and completely in control!

This amazing but true story of Petit will capture any kids imagination and keep them hooked until the end. The beautiful artwork showing the various angles and perspectives will take your breath away. As you see Petit perched on top of the tight rope with the vast sky and the tiny city skyline in the background you will gasp! If you ever want to read a story on adventure and beauty, this book is it.

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