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Swirl by Swirl

line Swirl by Swirl
by Joyce Sidman (Author), Beth Krommes (Illustrator)

 Beautiful world of Spirals!

This book is truly poetic. The text and the visual world of swirls bring together the beauty of swirls found in nature. One will fall in love with the quality of art work in this book. You will see swirls and admire the many different ways and places that you find these in nature. Kirkus reviews calls this book “Exquisitely simple and memorable”. I couldn’t agree more!

 What makes the tiny snail shell so beautiful? Where do you find a swirl curl up in nature? How is the swirl powerful, used to defend oneself? How is the swirl bold and beautiful? As you read this book with your child, help them “find” all kinds of hidden swirls in the illustrations in this book. We were pleasantly surprised and delighted to see swirls in so many different forms and in so many different places.

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