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line Roxaboxen
by Alice McLerran (Author), Barbara Cooney (Illustrator)

 “A Lasting Place in Memory”

Roxaboxen is always there. Marian found it and she knew that she was not the first to find it. Many others before her came here. She knew because she saw things around Roxaboxen left behind by others. Roxaboxen was just across the road and it looked like any other ordinary rocky hill.  There was sand and pebbles, rocks and boulder and the wooden boxes and cactus all around in Roxaboxen.  And as Roxaboxen “grew”, there was a Main Street edged with white stones and then came houses. And then as more children came, Roxaboxen grew even more. Now they even had 2 ice cream shops and even a jail!

Out of the imagination of Marian and the children in the nearby town, comes Roxaboxen. Roxaboxen, an imaginary play ground where children make a township out of the many small and big things that they find in the desert grounds. This book celebrates the imagination of children and how no matter where they are, no matter the time or place, how kids are able to create whole new worlds out of simple things. A great read for any kid who loves the world do make believe.

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